I’m an illustrator and comics creator who works digitally and in traditional pen & ink.

About Me

I have worked in print publishing for nearly 15 years. I’ve done design and production on everything from prose and graphic novels to catalogs and magazines. Currently I do production work retouching, lettering, and producing manga translated into English. You can find more about me through my social media contacts.

Hundred Drafts

The Hundred Drafts project shows the casual work that I produce when I have downtime. It used to showcase my daily drawing exercises, then grew to include my practice as I improved my work in both digital and traditional media. Sometimes sketches here have grown to become larger pieces. It’s been my showcase for Inktober for the last three years, and now will focus on more complete work as I turn my attention back towards drawing as a bigger part of my life.

The main site is on Instagram. If that’s not your cup of tea, there are mirrors on Tumblr and Facebook as well.

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