Super Problems

I was working on a piece for this week’s Illustration Friday (the theme is “bounce”) and to loosen up my drawing style I decided to see if I could make a gesture sketch entirely out of curves. I did, which I unfortunately erased before taking a photo of it. As the gesture became more and more refined it looked less like “bounce” and more like a speeding, skidding superheroine whom, for simplicity’s sake, I’ve decided to turn into Supergirl.

(Note: I don’t even like Supergirl that much, but with the crazy amount of superheroes available now, it’s hard to come up with a “generic” costume.)

Anyway, the original sketch on the left contains more elasticity in the extended leg. It began to look too “broken” to me, so I tried a tracing with a more realistic lower leg. You can see two alternate foot positions in the tracing, as well. I’m probably going to continue and ink/color this one as a vector graphic, but I have a few personal commissions to settle first.

2 thoughts on “Super Problems”

    1. Thanks! I’ve yet to find a way to ink that sketchy style, but I’m looking forward to finding a way how. That leg was bothering me though.

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