“Our Aimless Nights” now available to read from Azuki

Happy to announce the debut of Our Aimless Nights, a new manga series by Koumori beginning serialization on Azuki this month. The series is a coming-of-age story about two teens who only socialize for a few minutes outside a convenience store every Wednesday night.

Once again, I provided logo and cover design for the series. It was a particularly difficult “translation” job as the original Japanese cover featured its title cascading vertically between the two hero figures. Obviously, English doesn’t work that way, so there was a lot of experimentation in creating a new composition.

You can read the first five chapters of Our Aimless Nights for free on Azuki right now.

Cheerful, energetic high school girl Chika and shy, reserved boy Waya couldn’t be more different. But they have a secret: every Wednesday after 9PM they meet outside the convenience store where Waya works. Bit by bit, under the light of the moon, a unique connection begins to blossom in this enchanting coming-of-age love story!

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Published by Azuki, 2024.

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