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Keeping it real

There’s a short section in this article wherein a HarperCollins rep claims that using “eco-friendly fonts” uses less ink and less paper, and therefore fewer resources when compared to other fonts. I don’t doubt that there are eco-friendly fonts out there, but Garamond Pro? That’s been around, in various forms, for decades. Basically the HarperCollins […]

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All the Wrong Places

Fifty-five days, eighteen hours, and twelve minutes. That’s how long it took me to clear “Silk Road,” the last batch of levels of Best Fiends Forever, an idle game from Seriously Games. That means I reached “Silk Road” back in early February and have been working on it continuously since then. And because “Silk Road”

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Regional Fun

A recent episode of How It’s Made featured a segment about the production of vinobrew, a relatively new alcoholic beverage that is a blend of beer and wine. My first impression? “Eww. Why would you ever want to put those two together?” I’m not a foodie. While I might travel a certain distance for quality

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