Press releases and updates to the site.

Mecha-Ude logo design

Over on my Behance page you can check out a brief behind-the-scenes look at my logo design process for Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms by Yoshino Koyoka. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, especially because I was able to translate an element from the original Japanese logo design.

News: “Trash 2 Transit”

Some exciting news this week as I received author’s copies of my book Trash 2 Transit, and they look great! Trash 2 Transit is a comic book commissioned by Benchmark Education as part of their Represent series of leveled reading material. My story follows teenager Ethan and his cousins as they construct their own bicycles …

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News: “Create, Destroy, Repeat” is FUNDED!

I’m happy to announce that the book Create, Destroy, Repeat: An Anthology of Rebirth and Redemption has met its Kickstarter goal! My fellow co-creators and I sincerely thank every one of our backers, who have collectively contributed reaching our goal nearly three times over.

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