Long-form reviews of books, art, music, gallery shows. There is usually something important that I want to say in reviewing such a work. Also it will reflect some of my review values.

2022 Media in Review

Well, the end of 2022 is upon us, so I thought it’d be neat to go back and write a few thoughts about some of the media I consumed this year. It’s the first year I’ve actively kept a diary, and if said shoddily-kept diary is any indication, it’ll probably be the last. But let’s

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“Doris Duke’s Shangri La” at Museum of Arts and Design

I went out with my girlfriend to the Museum of Arts and Design today. She suggested an exhibition at the museum (of whose existence I sheepishly admitted ignorance) called “Doris Duke’s Shangri La,” which showcased the fabulously wealthy heiress’ sizable collection of Islamic art from her similarly-themed estate in Honolulu. The exhibition occupies a single

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