News: “Create, Destroy, Repeat”

Hey all! I’m very happy to announce the introduction of Create, Destroy, Repeat: An Anthology of Rebirth and Redemption on Kickstarter! My story “Giver” is one of twelve tales from aspiring comics creators. It focuses on Shannon, a young professional who’s finally got her troubled life straightened out the way she wants it. However, the wind is promptly taken out of her sails when an eight-foot-tall centipede comes knocking at her door!

The site actually went live last Friday, January 18, and has blown past its original goal in mere days! Be sure to secure yourself a copy by contributing today. If you’re feeling extra supportive, you can contribute as a “Glen Isip Fan” and get a pack of cellphone/desktop wallpapers from the Hundred Drafts project. These images will be revised versions of past images on Hundred Drafts, viz.:

The original sketch for “Ice Queen” (left) and the revision (right).

Remember, you’re not just supporting me; there are eleven other creators who would love the chance to get their work out there!

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